starburstI’m Curly, aka Kristina. I’m your very nerdy host and resident curly haired commentator on all things nerdy and of interest. I’m here to entertain you with musings, shenanigans, interviews, and ramblings about the media at large with a geeky twist, and a side of delicious travelling, with a podcast aperitif.

I’ve been producing and co-presenting a Sherlock Holmes based podcast for the past three years called The Baker Street Babes, which was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2014 for Best Podcast.It’s been featured in the New York Times, The Today Show, USA Today, MTV Geek and more.

I was also the co-host for the award winning talk radio program Hipster Moose.

I’m a freelance audio producer and writer. My professional website with my show reel is at kristinamanente.com and you can find out all about The Baker Street Babes at bakerstreetbabes.com. I’m a member of The Nerdventurists, who take big trips in search of adventure and geekdom. I write a little bit of everything everywhere, but feel free to ask for clips if you’re interested in me writing for you!

I’m all over social media like the black plague of 1346, so please follow along and babble at me!

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