The Way Station: Steampunk, Doctor Who, and total drunken Nerdvana [NYC, USA]


The magical existence of The Way Station may not be new to many of you. It’s been a staple in Brooklyn and nerdy drinkers in NYC for the past three years, but it’s a place that deserves constant attention. It’s just that cool. The Jules Verne inspired bar with a Whovian twist is on Washington Ave, not too far from the Botanical Gardens. Owned and operated by Andrew “Anders” Heidel, The Way Station brings a classy bit of nerdiness to those seeking some adventure across the East River.


Heidel has one hell of a nerdtastic CV. From working on SyFy and Farscape to publishing to constructing steampunk weapons, he’s seen it all. Guys, he was Adam West’s publicist! Better yet, he lives it all. Those are just a few of the reasons that make Brooklyn’s Way Station the nerdiest, and quite possibly, the best bar in NYC. It’s a complete labor of love from its conception (which you can learn about in my podcast interview with him) to Nerdioke every week.

Brick walls, wood floors, and a lot of brass and iron. The Way Station has a very unique decor with everything from custom beer taps to goggles, Nerf-gun mods, and a cigar box banjo. This is all part of the beautiful and fun steampunk aesthetic that Heidel loves so much. Everything at the bar has been custom made, whether by professionals or by rummaging through bits and pieces of thrown away metal and cogs. It just adds to the fact that everything here at The Way Station has been made with love, care, and a very important attention to detail.


Every bit of the bar has been designed and chosen for a purpose, and despite there being tons of bits and bobs, none of it is overbearing. Sure, the giant TARDIS is a bit of a giveaway that this isn’t any normal bar, but the glory in The Way Station is that it’s beautifully nerdy and unique without putting off any non-nerds who walk through the door.

So what does this fab bar have to offer? Music is a staple at The Way Station, with bands and guests playing nearly every night. There’s also screenings of Doctor Who, Sherlock, and other fan favorites. There’s also one hell of a cocktail menu. With ‘libations’ that range from Sonic Screwdrivers to Tyrion’s Cup to one in honor of Yvonne Craig, the original Bat Girl, The Way Station has a tasting menu for every type of nerd.


What To Get: Definitely check out one of the Sonic Screwdrivers, I’m partial to the 11th Doctor myself. Grab them at Happy Hour for $1 off and get ready to reverse the polarity.

Where It Is: 683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Open from 4PM to 2AM.

Don’t Forget: To visit the TARDIS toilet. Not only is it amazing, but there’s also autographs from Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Steven Moffat in there.


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