Fifteen Weeks Late With Starbucks

Um… hi!

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! you may be asking. Shock! There’s an update! The curls live! So where have I been? Well, I don’t have a super exciting answer to that. Life happened. I got a job, well, two jobs and some freelancing, and planning for The Mongol Rally, and running a podcast that’s throwing a party at SDCC in two months. A lot is going on in my life, but I’ve been acutely aware that I’ve neglected this poor baby for far too long.

I’ve missed this. I haven’t blogged really since February. I’ve done a little over at The Nerdventurists, but I need to get back to it. So this is me, getting back to it… soon. I have plenty I want to write about, new things to show you, discuss, and flail over. Yes, I’m still playing Dragon Age (I’m stuck in permanent Dragon Age hell it seems), and there’s a LOT of travel on the horizon, and I’m trying not to be so cynical about every single super hero movie and television show coming out (that’s not working, I’m honestly ready for the next fad to come along kthx).

So this is my official I’M NOT DEAD message and that shenanigans and dorkiness will be returning to some curls near you very soon!

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Big hair. Big glasses. Freelance writer, audio engineer, and all around nerd with a musical addiction and a fondness for tea.

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