Times, they are a-changin’

Oh look it’s another “new year, new me” blog article. I figured that since I haven’t actually updated this thing in aaages, I’d fill you all in on what happened this year, and where I hope the next one will take me. Indulge me.

A lot of awful things happened in 2018, I hardly need to tell you all that. But there was some good, a lot of personal growth happened. So I’m thankful for that.

I had to leave Korea because my grandmother was dying from multiple types of cancer and I had already missed the funerals of my aunt and great-aunt. I couldn’t miss another. I had been so removed from my family for years, living abroad. I had to go back. I had to set aside my own selfish desire to explore and stay out of country, because family was more important, and I needed to prioritize keeping in touch with the family I had left.

I’m still sort of bitter about it a bit, don’t get me wrong. I left a stable income, an amazing friend group, and things like health insurance behind. However, it was an inevitability. I was always going to leave at some point, because I wanted to get out of teaching. Unless I got myself wifed or magically became fluent– wasn’t gonna happen.

So I’m thankful for ultimately leaving because…

  1. It allowed me to say goodbye to my grandmother on her final day
  2. It pushed me to finally make writing and doing audio work for a living a reality

Since May I have been published on SYFY, FANDOM, Grok Nation, Polygon, VRV, Popula, INDY Week, GEEK, INTO, GO Magazine, and probably something I’m forgetting. All that in just over 6 months. I’m really friggin proud of myself.


I started to take myself seriously as a writer, was encouraged by amazing people in the Binders writing community, and worked for some killer editors who helped me along to find my voice & write some really fun pieces.

A major shout out to Allison Brandt, who posted the ad that the Calling Darkness Podcast was looking for an audio engineer. I took a chance and just by applying I not only landed the gig, but it’s lead to multiple other audio projects like Ghost Light Theater and the amazing crew there.

There’s a lot of things launching in 2019 that I am SO excited about, some of which I don’t think I can talk about, but it all stemmed from just taking a chance and believing in myself and hot diggity dog.

I lost 20lbs while in Korea and was so happy with it and felt pretty for the first time in a long time. But a lot of that weight loss was done because I was trying to impress someone else. It wasn’t a good life choice or life style. I’ve gained most of it back, but I’m now taking steps to lose again, but in a more healthy manner. I’ll be in a better head space hopefully; wanting to do this for ME, rather than for another person.


Other goals in 2019 are to pitch more, write more, and become full-time freelance by the springtime (or have a stable day job in my field). I also want to work on my own personal projects, the book series that swims in my head, the audio drama about two dumb time traveling ghost hunters that Sora and I have written about 500,000 words for, and more one-off pieces.

I have a bracelet on my wrist called a wishlet. You make a wish when putting it on, and when it breaks off, it’s supposed to come true.

I wished to be happy.

Here’s hoping 2019 grants that wish.


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Big hair. Big glasses. Freelance writer, audio engineer, and all around nerd with a musical addiction and a fondness for tea.

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