Nerdy Confessions: Korean Dramas


All of us have things we’re secretly nerdy about that we don’t really talk to anyone about. Which is silly, because you should never be ashamed of enthusiasm! So, I thought I’d start a segment here on Very Nerdy Curly where I and guests talk about their “nerdy confession.”

I’m sick. It sucks. But it does give me an excuse to binge watch telly. Now I could chip away at my very long list of dramas and comedies that I’ve been meaning to watch for years… or I could get sucked into Korean dramas. Guess which one I chose?

Ding dong! K-Drama! There’s something to be said for the romantic melodrama genre that South Korean has the monopoly on. Mistaken identities. Farcical comedy. Super intense drama. And of course, l’amour. South Korean puts out an alarming amount of dramas ranging from insanely detailed (& beautiful) historical pieces to adaptations of popular comic book series (manwa in Korean). They’re addictive to boot, which is always good for a binge watching session. A lot of them are incredibly charming and can be properly dramatic. A lot of them are sugar coated cotton candy. They’re all great.

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