Game of Thrones & Hannibal operas coming to NYC

Well talk about a song of ice and fire! The One World Symphony in New York City will be premiering a Game of Thrones inspired opera in February of next year.

Yes, you read that right. The Khaleesi will be giving us her best aria in Westeros. Well, sort of. It won’t strictly be a Game of Thrones opera, as in, you won’t be seeing Jon Snow singing next to the other Crows. However, the music of the previously written show will be influenced by the popular television show. This is all part of One World Symphony’s “Operasodes” season.

Set to rule the stage on 1 and 2 February 2015, the music will include Mozart, Handel, Wagner and… Annie Lennox.

This isn’t the first time that television has hit the opera stage under Sung Jin Hong, the artistic director and composer conductor of One World Symphony. Earlier this year he created Ozymandias, a fifty minute opera about Breaking Bad and the Shelley poem that inspired the infamous episode. You can watch Hong perform the “Bitch Aria” from the show below.

Where did the idea for these “operasodes” come from? Apparently… the cronut.

The artistic director told The Guardian that “[t]he success of cronuts teach us that hybrids … have more than a fighting chance to survive and thrive…” Who knew pastry could inspire such art?

While the Game of Thrones opera is using a previously written show, the Hannibal opera is a completely original piece by Hong, based off the numerous novels as well as the acclaimed NBC television series. Jaws drop earlier next summer on May 31st and June 1st. You can watch the teaser below.

Tickets for One World Symphony’s Operasodes season go on sale on September 1st on their website. All the shows are held at Holy Apostles Church at 296 Ninth Avenue at West 28th Street in Manhattan.

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