So is Game of Thrones back yet?

I didn’t realize how much I missed Game of Thrones until I saw the leaked trailer for Season 5 along with the rest of the waking world. Now I need it back like yesterday.


I should preface this with the fact I am a heathen who has not read the books. I’m an easily distracted reader (I know, I know) and it’d probably take me 5,000 years to finish George R.R. Martin’s tomes. I’ll probably do it one day, but for now I’m perfectly happy to be among the masses that is genuinely shocked about what happens on Game of Thrones and sort of revel in writhing in pain at not knowing what’s coming next. Also worrying about my favorite characters and their mortality.

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Game of Thrones & Hannibal operas coming to NYC

Well talk about a song of ice and fire! The One World Symphony in New York City will be premiering a Game of Thrones inspired opera in February of next year.

Yes, you read that right. The Khaleesi will be giving us her best aria in Westeros. Well, sort of. It won’t strictly be a Game of Thrones opera, as in, you won’t be seeing Jon Snow singing next to the other Crows. However, the music of the previously written show will be influenced by the popular television show. This is all part of One World Symphony’s “Operasodes” season.

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A very crazy Comic Con

Padalecki Dance OffYou know that any post that starts with a “Jared Padalecki dance off” is going to have a story. Also, the Moose can boogie.

We’ll get to the jiving Jared in a bit, but let’s start with something a little bigger: SDCC as a whole. Last year was my first expedition into the world of Line Con, of battling Hall H and roaming San Diego’s Gaslamp District with half a dozen Khaleesis and Deadpools. It’s an event that no one is prepared for. Ever. And sure, I’m a relative rookie, but every year SDCC gets bigger and this year was no exception at all. There’s 150,000 people converging on that convention center every day, weaving in out out of booths in the exhibitor’s hall, and grabbing at the free swag handed out by street teams (I am STILL bitter I didn’t get one of the Sharknado foam chainsaws). Despite all this and the fact you will inevitably be crushed against more people than you’ve touched in the last year alone, there is something magical about comic con. It’s unlike any other event in the world (though apparently  NYCC is catching up in numbers). It’s complete madness. Where else can you see a panel about The Simpsons (and visit a giant replica of Homer’s head) and then have a run through an American Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course themed for the new Assassin’s Creed game? Continue reading A very crazy Comic Con