So is Game of Thrones back yet?

I didn’t realize how much I missed Game of Thrones until I saw the leaked trailer for Season 5 along with the rest of the waking world. Now I need it back like yesterday.


I should preface this with the fact I am a heathen who has not read the books. I’m an easily distracted reader (I know, I know) and it’d probably take me 5,000 years to finish George R.R. Martin’s tomes. I’ll probably do it one day, but for now I’m perfectly happy to be among the masses that is genuinely shocked about what happens on Game of Thrones and sort of revel in writhing in pain at not knowing what’s coming next. Also worrying about my favorite characters and their mortality.

I was a late bloomer to Westeros. I only started watching it LAST YEAR. And then I marathoned all four seasons in like a two week period between classes and very late into the night. I quickly became a rabid addict and caught up quick enough to catch the last of Season 4 in real time with the rest of the internet. It was intense and I was an emotional mess by the end of it all and I just wanted MORE. And I had to wait a YEAR?! You’d think being part of the Sherlock fandom would give me the patience of a saint when it came to a show’s hiatus, but I was not happy. I thought about picking up the books, but I found myself in the odd position of not wanting to spoil myself with them. I know, that’s weird, but I opted out.
Instead I just reveled in the fact that it turned out the Omni at SDCC last year was the Game of Thrones hotel and everything was GoT down to the elevators. Also the Game of Thrones experience was across the street. Least to say, it was the first thing our group did. When I fall for something, I fall hard and fast, which makes the upcoming season that much more exciting.
I desperately hope, and it seems likely given the trailer, that Dany is given more to do this season. She was my favorite in the first season and then her story line became… very… lame. Give the Dragon Princess some damn plot please. Also more dragons. Everyone likes dragons.
Also, who else is MAD excited for Dorne?! Let’s not talk about Oberyn because I’ll just cry, but his homeland is going to be a major focal point and I cannot wait to learn more about it. The Sand Snakes looks BAD. ASS. and I’m interested to see what the fall out of Oberyn’s death (UGH WHYYY) will be, especially in terms of his sickly brother. Ugh. Such drama. I love it.

Jaime going to Dorne is also interesting. I realize this is different from the book or part of it is anyway. I can only assume he’s going to try and smooth things over, and he’s as good as any choice to try and do peace talks. I’m just still wishing he had run off with Brienne. *watches ship ride off into the distance*.

My friend Lacy, who helps run the SherlockeDCC party with me at SDCC, has pulled me into Littlefinger/Sansa hell. I know. He’s a bit of a creeper who was obsessed with her mother and now wants her daughter. Buuut at least his feelings her Mama Stark were genuine, een if he had a horrible jealousy streak that kind of fucked all the Starks over. And she’s just breaking out of the naivety of youth, but if the trailer is anything to go by, she’s about to grow up really fast and get her revenge. They’re so wrong… yet so right. I have to admit, I love the whole Dark!Sansa arc and I want her to be a vengeance seeking badass and Petyr as her evil cheerleader. Give it to me.

So what about you? What are you looking forward to most in Game of Thrones? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “So is Game of Thrones back yet?”

  1. The trailer looked great. I’ve read the books, so I don’t want to comment on specific things that got me excited (because I respect your wish to be unsullied and so on.)

    What? Did you just say you’re shipping Baelish and Sansa? Gah!

    Anyway, just two and a half months left!


    1. Eeeeee, it can’t come soon enough! (and cheers for that, plus 10 points for the Unsullied pun, intentional or no).

      Haha I knooooooow, it’s so wrong but I can’t help it. I want them to be evil partners in crime.

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      1. The Unsullied pun was totally intentional, we book readers are often referred to as The Sullied.

        :-) At least you admit that it’s wrong! Although I like the idea of evil Sansa. (I also like the idea of an evil Bran…)


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