My Brief Stint on Japanese TV

My work with The Baker Street Babes has afforded me a lot of amazing opportunities. I’ve been on red carpets at award shows, I’ve interviewed actors and authors, I’ve gotten special passes… tons of stuff. It’s insane and I’m always so very thankful and humbled by everything we’ve been able to do. A few weeks ago we at the BSB and some friends filmed a bit for Japanese television about their new Sherlock Holmes puppet show. Just found out it aired.


Our bit starts at 7:24, and for those who don’t speak Japanese and can’t hear us under the dubbing, basically the little Watson puppet comes and crashes our Sherlock Holmes pub night. Myself (Curly) and Luke Kuhns (Holmesian author) greet him and ask if he wants to join us and have a drink. Puppet!Watson informs us that he’s only 15, we react, and then I introduced Puppet!Watson to the group. HUZZAH!

At the table I thiiiink we’re talking about ranking Watson mustaches (which is where this BuzzFeed list came from)

Then we start playing a game where Luke holds up a screen cap from the show and we have to guess the original ACD story or character. First is The Red Headed League, second is The Hounds of the Baskervilles, and third is A Scandal In Bohemia. The character they show is Sherlock Holmes’ puppet. I was asked to equate it to an animal, but I’m attempting to explain an anteater. I dunno. Do what the producer says, haha.

And then we drank (a lot, thank you NHK) and played with party favors.

It was a super fun evening, we look like dorks, but heyyyy it’s fun, and it’s just so… Japanese. And I say that with the fondest regard. My time in Japan, I watched a lot of shows like this, and it’s just hilarious to think that I’m now in one.

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