Literary Temporary Tattoos? Yes, please!

Slogo_letter_squareo a long time ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign for the awesome people at Litographs who were doing the crazy thing of printing an ENTIRE book onto a t-shirt. I thought it was amazing and fabulous and frankly it was a no-brainer to throw my support behind them. It’s been awhile since then and Litographs has boomed. They’re still doing the t-shirts, but have now added posters and tote bags to their store. I own a few things from them and I treasure them greatly, so when I got an email from the fine people at Litographs this afternoon, I was wondering what else they were going to make me spend money on.


I audibly gasped.

Temporary literary based tattoos? Please take all my money.

There’s only a handful up at the moment, but they’re from a wide range of classics and come in packs of two and are 3″ large.

tattooduoI personally grabbed the above from The Importance of Being Earnest, the Robin Hood one (big surprise), and the one below, which is from H.G. Well’s The Time Machine. I already have three real tattoos and I’ve been debating a few more, so this is a fun way to test out some nice and interesting designs.

time-photo_e2bc2b2d-2efb-4408-84f9-10ca2a572190_1024x1024Since they’re brand new, who is to say about the quality of them, but everything Litographs does is fabulous, so I don’t have many concerns. I’m looking forward to getting them and trying them out, and I’ll make sure to report back.

I was a bit disappointed in Pride & Prejudice’s design, which is a bit cliche, but others make up for it. And hey, you may love that design! It must be tricky to pick out which quote to use to make a “mass market” tattoo, as you can’t please everyone. But hopefully there’s enough variety there for everyone to find something they like.

Any of you have a literary based tattoo? Thinking of getting one? Thinking of grabbing some of these? Let me know!

You can grab these tattoos plus more from Litographs at their website.

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