What to Expect from TNT’s The Librarians

By Kristina Manente

I can tell you right now, there is no show I am more excited about than TNT’s The Librarians. Think of Indiana Jones meets Supernatural meets a bottle of tequila, and you’ve got The Librarians. A group of genius and gifted misfits including a math and science prodigy with synesthesia played by Lindy Booth , a lumberjack art historian played by Christian Kane, John Kim as a rascally thief, and Rebecca Romijn as a counter-terrorism expert. The cast also includes John Larroquette as Jenkins, Mathew Frewer as the big baddie, and welcomes back Noah Wyle as lovable dork-in-chief, Flynn Carsen.

In college, my roommates and I fell in love and laughter with the original Librarian films and so when I heard there was going to be a television show, we went crazy. The movies were fun, even silly, but they were fabulous adventures. To have a hero that’s not only as socially awkward as myself, but as dorky, is a great thing to see… and the fact that’s going to be expanded to a whole team is just a joy.


But to backtrack for those who may not be on The Librarian bandwagon (how dare you), basically it’s about this organization that protects and curates all the mythical and magical relics of the world (Excalibur, The Golden Goose, The Spear of Destiny, etc), and the curator of all this is Flynn Carsen… a major dork with 22 degrees, as played perfectly by Noah Wyle. There were three tv films on TNT: Quest for the Spear, Return to King Soloman’s Mines, & The Judas Chalice. They were all ridiculously fun, goofy, and full of adventure and flailing. They were also some of the highest audience grossing programs on TNT.

So, it wasn’t too much a surprise when the television show was announced, perhaps it was always a question as to when rather than if. So how did The Librarians television show come to be? According to show runner John Rogers, it was because “Michael Wright, Dean Devlin and Noah [Wyle] loved the movies so much.” They spent years trying to get the rights, and when they finally did, John called up Noah to break the good news.

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