The road so far… why can’t I keep up with TV shows?

The road so far… why can’t I keep up with TV shows?

For the LIFE of me I do not understand why I am currently in my 5th hour of Chopped re-runs on The Food Network, yet I haven't watched any of the final season of Da Vinci's Demons. You know, that came out in October... OF LAST YEAR. I was practically begging STARZ to livestream the [...]

Review: The Librarians & King Arthur’s Crown & The Sword in the Stone

The two hour premiere of The Librarians was last night and I don't know about you, but I had a grand old time. Having long been a fan of the films, my roommates in college and I would make sure never to miss them, I am more than delighted to jump back into this world [...]

The Librarians Premiere TONIGHT!

You guys know I've been pretty gung-ho about The Librarians, what with the multiple articles and podcast and all. But tonight is finally the night it's on our screens! So make sure you're tuned in to TNT at 8/7c here in the USA. Early reviews (be wary of spoilers) [1][2] are looking good and my [...]

New Trailer & Episode Synopses for The Librarians

December 7th is looming closer and my excitement is only growing. The first five episode synopses for The Librarians have been released, and it's everything from King Arthur to dragons to saving Santa Claus! Also, because I fail, I was only recently informed by the man himself, that my friend Jeremy Bernstein is writing for [...]

Episode 3: Meet the Cast of The Libarians

Following my article on what to expect from TNT's The Librarians, I chat with the cast to get a look at each of their characters. Everyone was just so great and enthusiastic about the show, their characters, and the journey we're all about to go on. The Librarians is a television series based off The [...]

What to Expect from TNT’s The Librarians

What to Expect from TNT’s The Librarians

By Kristina Manente I can tell you right now, there is no show I am more excited about than TNT's The Librarians. Think of Indiana Jones meets Supernatural meets a bottle of tequila, and you've got The Librarians. A group of genius and gifted misfits including a math and science prodigy with synesthesia played by Lindy [...]