The road so far… why can’t I keep up with TV shows?

For the LIFE of me I do not understand why I am currently in my 5th hour of Chopped re-runs on The Food Network, yet I haven’t watched any of the final season of Da Vinci’s Demons. You know, that came out in October… OF LAST YEAR. I was practically begging STARZ to livestream the season straight into my brain, yet when it came out… nada.

The road so far... why can't I keep up with TV shows?

What was keeping me from a mostly shirtless Tom Mison with long flowing locks and a smile that turned my legs into jelly? Why wasn’t I immediately bathing in the production values of this god damn pretty show? I dunno. Suddenly it seemed like too much effort to marathon it and make myself an emotionally available Hallmark card because it was the final season and I wasn’t ready? Maybe. Or maybe it was just easier to see which house a fiendishly annoying middle-class couple would choose on this episode of House Hunters, which I’m pretty sure I had already seen.


When did I become such a passive viewer? I am the bane of the television world in that I never watch live and it takes me weeks… months… god even years to catch up on an episode or season that I let slip by. And I honestly don’t understand why.

I have a very addictive personality and part of me wonders if that’s why I try not to binge watch anything anymore (except apparently EVERYTHING on the Food Network and HGTV, I swear I’ve gained 10lbs just watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). When I first started Game of Thrones I watched three seasons in a week. Like, I lived and breathed that show when I wasn’t in class or at work. I was left destitute after I’d finished because it would be a whole MONTH before Season 4 started. I managed to keep up with it, but I still haven’t seen Season 5 beyond the first two episodes. Why? Too much effort? I don’t actually want to be Khaleesi??

The same goes for Supernatural. I was determined to finish the ENTIRE SERIES SO FAR before San Diego Comic Con… two years ago. I was making pretty good progress. The first five seasons went down like a fine whisky (because they’re the best, let’s just be clear on that), but struggled through season 6 and I’m still stuck in season 7 purgatory two years later. Season 7… that really did get to be too much effort.


I got so into those two series as I dived in, that I think I drowned a bit. It became too much and I had to step away. It just seems that I just kept stepping away… until I was about thirty miles away with car keys in my hand ready to drive to Tampa. But then it happened with new shows that I was really excited for. Remember all that stuff I wrote about The Librarians? The review, the lists, the interviews with the cast and crew? I was keyed in to that and the fandom from the get go, I could have had a great run with that content wise and I loved the premiere. It was everything I wanted in a television show.

But I still haven’t seen all of the first season.


Yeah, and it’s myself. WHYYYYYY, KRISTINA?! WHYYYY?

I was afraid of getting sucked in I think. I was worried my excitement would switch ovre to it and leave everything else I was already excited about all the time. Maybe?

I was so excited for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor that I fell off the bed when he walked out during the announcement event. I wrote about him quite a few times, gushed about his work, and actively reassured people he’d be fantastic. I still haven’t seen ANY of the last season. Though honestly I think a lot, if not all of it, has to do with Clara and that I despised her and didn’t want to deal with her seesawing characterization and the fact it wasn’t Doctor Who anymore but Clara What.

The road so far... why can't I keep up with TV shows?

There’s a few reasons for all of this apparently, and yet not really a common denominator. Do I just not care anymore? Are my fangirling days and anxiety waiting for the new episode to air over? Or am I just in a (very long) slump and things will pick up again?

If you were expecting this to end with some sort of philosophic claim about the human mind in an age of technology and having too many choices and thus diminishing our desire to become properly engaged with our media, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m sure that’s a think piece somewhere and it probably has a great deal of merit.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any tips for me, I’d love to hear them because people are being stupid on The Food Network.


Review: The Librarians & King Arthur’s Crown & The Sword in the Stone

flynnThe two hour premiere of The Librarians was last night and I don’t know about you, but I had a grand old time. Having long been a fan of the films, my roommates in college and I would make sure never to miss them, I am more than delighted to jump back into this world ten years in the making. Yes, ten years! Gosh that makes me feel old.

The two part opener started off with The Librarians & the Crown of King Arthur where we are introduced to the new cast. Colonel Eve Baird, played by Rebecca Romijn, is recruited by The Library after she shows some skill at protecting Flynn Carsen as they simultaneously diffuse a bomb and an acient demon summoning box… thing. Anywho, she arrives at The Library and despite initially objecting to needing a guardian, Flynn finds her useful as they realize the other candidates for the role of the Librarian are being killed off by The Serpent Brotherhood (the big baddies in The Librarian films). So they know what they’ve got to do, they’ve got to rescue the last three alive.

So meet The Librarians.


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The Librarians Premiere TONIGHT!

You guys know I’ve been pretty gung-ho about The Librarians, what with the multiple articles and podcast and all. But tonight is finally the night it’s on our screens! So make sure you’re tuned in to TNT at 8/7c here in the USA.

Early reviews (be wary of spoilers) [1][2] are looking good and my fingers are crossed that audiences are going to fall in love with this show. You could say it’s dangerous to have such high hopes, and generally that’s true, but having seen a bit of the first episode at NYCC, I have no worries.


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New Trailer & Episode Synopses for The Librarians

December 7th is looming closer and my excitement is only growing. The first five episode synopses for The Librarians have been released, and it’s everything from King Arthur to dragons to saving Santa Claus!

Also, because I fail, I was only recently informed by the man himself, that my friend Jeremy Bernstein is writing for The Librarians! Least to say, when he let me know, I flipped out. There’s a twitter conversation to prove it. Good old @fajitas. His episode is the third in the series and if I’m not mistaken, this may be John Kim’s favorite.

So get excited because Bruce Campbell is playing Santa, there’s adventures abound, and it’s going to be great. So check out the new trailer above and the episode synopses below!

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Episode 3: Meet the Cast of The Libarians

Following my article on what to expect from TNT’s The Librarians, I chat with the cast to get a look at each of their characters. Everyone was just so great and enthusiastic about the show, their characters, and the journey we’re all about to go on.

The Librarians is a television series based off The Librarian trilogy starring Noah Wyle as quite possible the smartest man int he world who is charged with rescuing and preserving ancient and mystical artifacts around the world. The television series picks up seven years after the final  Librarian movie and presents us with Flynn Carsen, Noah Wyle’s character, that has gone a bit mad in his quest and solitude. And thus, he gets a team, whether he wants it or not.

Photo by Kristina Manente
Photo by Kristina Manente

I’ve got interviews with that team, aka John Kim, Lindy Booth, Christian Kane, and Rebecca Romijn. The new recruits chat about their characters, genre television, and what to expect in the first season of The Librarians.

So who are they? The Librarians are a group of genius and gifted misfits including a math and science prodigy with synesthesia played by Lindy Booth , a lumberjack art historian played by Christian Kane, John Kim as a rascally thief, and Rebecca Romijn as a counter-terrorism expert. The cast also includes John Larroquette as Jenkins, Mathew Frewer as the big baddie, and welcomes back Noah Wyle as lovable dork-in-chief, Flynn Carsen.

The Librarians premieres on TNT on December 7th.

What to Expect from TNT’s The Librarians

By Kristina Manente

I can tell you right now, there is no show I am more excited about than TNT’s The Librarians. Think of Indiana Jones meets Supernatural meets a bottle of tequila, and you’ve got The Librarians. A group of genius and gifted misfits including a math and science prodigy with synesthesia played by Lindy Booth , a lumberjack art historian played by Christian Kane, John Kim as a rascally thief, and Rebecca Romijn as a counter-terrorism expert. The cast also includes John Larroquette as Jenkins, Mathew Frewer as the big baddie, and welcomes back Noah Wyle as lovable dork-in-chief, Flynn Carsen.

In college, my roommates and I fell in love and laughter with the original Librarian films and so when I heard there was going to be a television show, we went crazy. The movies were fun, even silly, but they were fabulous adventures. To have a hero that’s not only as socially awkward as myself, but as dorky, is a great thing to see… and the fact that’s going to be expanded to a whole team is just a joy.


But to backtrack for those who may not be on The Librarian bandwagon (how dare you), basically it’s about this organization that protects and curates all the mythical and magical relics of the world (Excalibur, The Golden Goose, The Spear of Destiny, etc), and the curator of all this is Flynn Carsen… a major dork with 22 degrees, as played perfectly by Noah Wyle. There were three tv films on TNT: Quest for the Spear, Return to King Soloman’s Mines, & The Judas Chalice. They were all ridiculously fun, goofy, and full of adventure and flailing. They were also some of the highest audience grossing programs on TNT.

So, it wasn’t too much a surprise when the television show was announced, perhaps it was always a question as to when rather than if. So how did The Librarians television show come to be? According to show runner John Rogers, it was because “Michael Wright, Dean Devlin and Noah [Wyle] loved the movies so much.” They spent years trying to get the rights, and when they finally did, John called up Noah to break the good news.

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