Episode 3: Meet the Cast of The Libarians

Following my article on what to expect from TNT’s The Librarians, I chat with the cast to get a look at each of their characters. Everyone was just so great and enthusiastic about the show, their characters, and the journey we’re all about to go on.

The Librarians is a television series based off The Librarian trilogy starring Noah Wyle as quite possible the smartest man int he world who is charged with rescuing and preserving ancient and mystical artifacts around the world. The television series picks up seven years after the final  Librarian movie and presents us with Flynn Carsen, Noah Wyle’s character, that has gone a bit mad in his quest and solitude. And thus, he gets a team, whether he wants it or not.

Photo by Kristina Manente
Photo by Kristina Manente

I’ve got interviews with that team, aka John Kim, Lindy Booth, Christian Kane, and Rebecca Romijn. The new recruits chat about their characters, genre television, and what to expect in the first season of The Librarians.

So who are they? The Librarians are a group of genius and gifted misfits including a math and science prodigy with synesthesia played by Lindy Booth , a lumberjack art historian played by Christian Kane, John Kim as a rascally thief, and Rebecca Romijn as a counter-terrorism expert. The cast also includes John Larroquette as Jenkins, Mathew Frewer as the big baddie, and welcomes back Noah Wyle as lovable dork-in-chief, Flynn Carsen.

The Librarians premieres on TNT on December 7th.

Episode 2: Da Vinci’s Demons at NYCC

I had the chance to interview the cast of STARZ’s Da Vinci’s Demons at New York Comic Con, and it was a riot!

Photos by Kristina Manente.

From beards to the changing relationship between Leonardo and Riario, the cast and executive producers talk about the show so far and what to expect in Season 3. Do be aware the interviews contain Season 1 and 2 spoilers.

Tom Riley as Leonardo Da Vinci and Gregg Chillin as Zoroaster. First look at Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3.

The action adventure drama from the mind of David S. Goyer, helmed by showrunner and EP John Shiban (writer “Breaking Bad,” “X-files”), follows the adventures of a young Leonardo da Vinci, on the cusp of greatness. In season three, which returns to STARZ in 2015, da Vinci’s world comes crashing down when the city of Otranto is torn apart by an Ottoman invasion.

Tom Riley as Leonardo Da Vinci, Gregg Chillin as Zoroaster, and Blake Ritson as Riario.

Episode 1: The Way Station

“What’s more terrifying than a Sharknado? A tsunami full of squids!”

I chat with Andrew Heidel who owns and operates The Way Station, a steampunk and Doctor Who themed bar and event space in Brooklyn.

Heidel has one hell of a nerdtastic CV. From working on SyFy and Farscape to publishing to constructing steampunk weapons, he’s seen it all. Guys, he was Adam West’s publicist! Better yet, he lives it all. Those are just a few of the reasons that make Brooklyn’s Way Station the nerdiest, and quite possibly, the best bar in NYC. It’s a complete labor of love from its conception to Nerdioke every week. You can read more about my trip to The Way Station here.


You can find The Way Station online at waystationbk.com, twitter, and facebook. Don’t forget to visit The Way Station at 683 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Open from 4PM to 2AM.

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  • Anders is also an author, and you can purchase his short story collection in eBook format or paperback/hardcover on Amazon.


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