NYCC: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


Final Fantasy is one of the most respected gaming dynasties of all time. There’s no denying that. They have a way of breathing life into the industry, even when it’s at its best. Final Fantasy always seems to make it better. So getting to play the demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 was a treat for multiple reasons.

I’m one of those plebeians who have never gotten to play on a Playstation 4 yet, so that was fun, especially when some of the controls were still Japanese based (damn you O button!). But regardless, Type-0 is a Final Fantasy game you will NEED to play… and here’s why.



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NYCC: Kingdom Hearts ReMIX 2.5

title_SQ_1000Getting the invite to the Square Enix media suite was a joy and a half. Since my Assassin’s Creed binge extravaganza, I’ve been desperate to really throw myself into gaming. Square Enix was the first company to win my heart with Kingdom Hearts back in the day, so when I saw they were offering a chance to play with ReMIX 2.5, I jumped at the chance. I also noticed they were offering demos of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and so I lept at that as well.

I gush a lot, so let’s talk about ReMIX 2.5 and what’s new about it~



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