Pikachu… the Great Detective

Pikachu… the Great Detective

Just in case you were worried there wasn't enough nerdy content on this blog, we're going to talk about Pokémon. You know it, I know it. The pocket monsters from Japan were my generation's first great obsession. And the world's. My sister and I were enamored, and frankly are still; I got her Pokémon earrings for Christmas for [...]

Dress Like The Fade With The Dragon Age Fall Collection

Cole: Your clothes look like the Fade, Dorian. Dorian: The stuff of dreams? An explosion of color and sensation wrapped in an enigma? Cole: It's shiny. If you follow me on twitter or tumblr, then you know I am epically obsessed with Dragon Age. It's BioWare's fantasy baby and was a HUGE part of my life [...]

How 2014 Became the Year I Returned to Gaming

So it turns out when your mother buys a new house that needs a lot of renovation, that you sort of lose track of time and every day turns into a mix between sleeping and painting. So. Much. Painting. What horrible person decided you had to paint stone 5,000 times to make sure it's mold [...]

Rebranding Drama for Harvest Moon Series

By Kristina Manente If you follow me on twitter, you'll have noticed I've been tweeting a lot about Harvest Moon as of late. It's a series of games that my sister and I have been addicted to for years, and it's easy to see why. They're farm simulations, and before you go BORING, let me [...]

NYCC: Kingdom Hearts ReMIX 2.5

Getting the invite to the Square Enix media suite was a joy and a half. Since my Assassin's Creed binge extravaganza, I've been desperate to really throw myself into gaming. Square Enix was the first company to win my heart with Kingdom Hearts back in the day, so when I saw they were offering a [...]

My Accidental Assassin’s Creed Obsession

When I moved to my new flat in London town, we didn’t have the internet for a few weeks. I know. It was a hard time. Thank you for your belated sympathy. What we did have though, was an XBOX and some games that my flatmate hadn’t gotten around to playing. We would have nightly sessions of watching her run around in Skyrim or murdering a few cops in Grand Theft Auto V, and sometimes I’d even get a go. Turns out I’m really good at not being caught by the police… and head shots. Take note NSA. (please don't take note) But there was one game that was lingering on her shelf that had caught my eye. It was Assassin’s Creed II. I’d heard a lot about these running-jumping-stabby games and everyone I knew loved them. So I asked and we popped it in. She had started it a while ago but hadn’t played it in ages. We finished it in four days.